How Small And Medium Business Owners Can Prevent Cyber Attacks

Cyber-attacks are a prevalent threat in the digital domain as transactions and conversations continue to move towards the digital space. Owing to the current healthcare crisis of a global pandemic, businesses from around the world were forced to move their operations online to be able to reach their audience. Taking advantage of this, hackers and attackers doubled down on their efforts to gain access to unauthorized information especially related to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Research by Proof-point found out that more than 88% of businesses worldwide experienced a phishing attack of some kind, which is a worrying statistic. However, what helps businesses in such conditions is to be prepared for these attacks. Here are 5 tips to help SMEs prepare their businesses to be safe from cybersecurity threats.

How SMEs can Prevent Cyber Attacks?

  • Update Software
    Being on the latest version of your tools and software has some advantages for your business as the new and improved version has a better level of security than the old and obsolete versions. A number of cyber attacks are successful simply because the platform was not updated to the latest version.
  • Use Strong Passwords
    Passwords are a safe way to gain access to all information that is available to the business but they can be cracked or misused. Making strong passwords with at least 3 random words is a good way to start. To make it even stronger, using a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols works great. There are several random password generators available that can be used to create strong passwords for your systems. In fact, the best way to do passwords in your business is to create a strong password policy company-wide. 
  • Educate Staff
    This brings us to the next important point: educate your staff on cybersecurity. Cybint Solutions’s study on global cybersecurity facts states that more than 95% of cyber-attacks happen because of human error. Leaving important information like passwords lying around or sharing too much information with someone untrustworthy is how these things start. But educating employees can greatly reduce risk which is a good place to start securing your business.
  • Install Protective Software
    Viruses, Malware, and Ransomware are becoming common in the world of cyber threats as people continue to download from and interact with fishy online platforms. These small bits of software infect your digital devices and share your valuable information back to the origin of the attack, which is a concerning fact. Using anti-virus software and keeping them updated to the latest versions is one of the most basic requirements in today’s digital world.
  • Use Cloud
    Getting rid of old and obsolete legacy systems is another important step you should take to protect your businesses from localized cyber threats. The most common way a hacker can gain unauthorized access to your business is through your legacy system as they are physically available to be tampered with. Moving your system and solutions to the cloud will not only make them fast but also protect them from any kind of cybersecurity threat.

Protecting your business from such threats is now quickly becoming a fundamental part of operating on the internet. Whether it is your e-commerce website or collaboration software within the organization, SVAM International Inc. will take care of all your cybersecurity needs by providing secure development and application management services. Get a thorough assessment and consultation for your business today. Book a conversation with our experts today.