Data and Analytics

In the age of Digital Transformation, data plays a vital role in an organization's ability to gain critical insights into its business. Data-driven decisions allow your organizations to be more efficient and identify revenue streams that may not have been apparent.

SVAM International helps its clients by providing a holistic approach to solving the Data & Analytics challenges through big data analytics services that most organizations face. We help uncover the critical data elements across the IT landscape and architect a scalable Business Intelligence environment that meets the needs of the entire enterprise. Our data & analytics solutions are developed by leveraging best practices in Data Management / Governance and Self-Service reporting to ensure data consistency and business adoption.

We start most engagements with a tool-agnostic approach and focus on our clients' data challenges. As we solve the critical data issues which may include changes in the ERP or other transactional systems as well as the implementation of a comprehensive master data management solution. Once the data challenges are addressed we help our clients select the best tools to fit their requirements based on their size, landscape, complexity, and data requirements. Our experience in offering data & analytics solutions across major technology platforms, including SAP BI, Microsoft Azure BI, Qlikview, Snowflake, Tableau, and SAS, allow us to develop comprehensive solutions for our clients.

Data and Analytics

SVAM'S Expertise
in Data and Analytics

End-to-End Capabilities from Process Analysis, KPI identification to Development

Experience with a Full Range of Tools, Products including SAP suite, Cognos, Oracle, Qlikview, and Microsoft

Strong ERP expertise in SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics to customize the transactional systems to align with the Data requirements for the organization.

Strong Knowledge of applying Data Warehousing & Data Modeling to solve complex data challenges

A dedicated team of Certified BI Consultants

Experience in providing Analytical and Predictive modeling expertise with the use of tools such as SAS and R Programming.

Industries Where Data and Analytics Can Be Used

Amidst the massive amount of data, it is imperative to maintain and store the data in an organized way. Some industries that deal with large amounts of data are




Travel & Hospitality


Real Estate

Finance and more

Our Data & Analytics services

We understand that the data needs of different companies are never the same, so we customize our big data analytics services to match your requirements so that you can derive the maximum value. Our services include:

  • Data Architecture & Modeling
  • Data Integration
  • Management and Indexing
  • Data Visualization
  • Master Data Management

Why Choose SVAM For Data and Analytics?

  • We provide 24 x 7 Support for all our clients through various teams placed in different parts of the world
  • Get innovation and quality through a fast, low-risk, proven model
  • A robust recruitment infrastructure enables us to locate the best resources for our clients’ requirements. You can lower your support costs by leveraging a global talent pool
  • We invest in continuing education for enhancing employee skill sets to match the needs of an ever-changing workplace

Our Services

We understand that the data needs of different companies are never the same. We customize our services to match your requirements so that you can derive the maximum value.

Our services include:



and Indexing



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  1. How Much Does Data Analytics Services Cost?

    The cost of data & analytics solutions depends on your organization’s needs. As every organization’s requirements are different, we first analyze the business and help offer the best data analytics solutions to every organization.

  2. How Can SVAM Resolve Big Data Analytics Challenges?

    SVAM International Inc. follows a holistic approach to address the data & analytics challenges that most organizations confront. We assist in identifying critical data pieces throughout the IT landscape, design a scalable Business Intelligence framework and leverage a data & analytics platform that meets the requirements of the organizations.

  3. Why Is Data Analytics Important For The Healthcare Industry?

    Data & Analytics in healthcare is the process of examining raw statistics to detect trends, make conclusions, and propose areas for improvement. Health data analytics enables better patient care, offers an accurate diagnosis, preventative measures, individualized treatment, and helps the healthcare industry make a more informed decision.

  4. How Does SVAM Big Data Solutions Results In Better Business Outcomes?

    We start the engagement with a tool-agnostic approach and focus more on the data challenges faced by our clients. We help our clients choose the best data & analytics software based on their size, landscape, complexity, and data requirements.

  5. Why Should I Choose SVAM as my Big Data Analytics Software Provider?

    Your business needs data solutions that align with its needs and contribute to your data access, storage, and maintenance. Our vetted team of data software developers ensures that data remains safe and is easily accessible for authorized personnel. Data Analytic solutions from SVAM integrate into your business flawlessly, thereby offering you numerous benefits.