Custom Application Development Services

Custom Application Development is all about designing and programming software applications that are targeted to a specific user group, mostly within an organization. Our custom application development services are built to address very specific needs inside an organization, custom applications improve the overall efficiency of the business and help it remain competitive in the marketplace.

SVAM International brings together the elements of robust planning, the latest technology, and world-class consolidation tool to prepare tailored solutions for organizations.

Custom Application Development & System Integration

Why Build Your Enterprise Custom Application with SVAM?

With a holistic approach to solving challenges, SVAM ensures that all requirements are met so the end results can help their businesses. Our expertise includes:

Building applications from the
ground up in .NET, JAVA, and
various Open Source technologies

Implementing integrated solutions involving
cutting edge technologies such as IoT
(Internet of Things) and Big Data

Developing unique solutions and
business process workflows

Creating Content and Document Management
Systems to capture, store and disseminate

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Field Service

Location Based

Why Choose SVAM For Your Custom Application Development Needs?

  • 24 x 7 Support through various teams placed in different parts of the world.
  • Reduce the money you spend on paying salaries and developing the right infrastructure.
  • Get innovation and quality through a fast, low-risk, proven model to build mobile application development teams and thereby reduce your app’s time to market.
  • Optimized use of your application/infrastructure landscape by leveraging industry best practices
  • We share the responsibility of managing and mitigating the risk associated with mobile application development.
  • We continuously cultivate and prune our network to reflect current and upcoming skills needed.
  • A robust recruitment infrastructure enables us to locate the best resources for our clients' requirements. You can lower your support costs by leveraging a global talent pool.
  • Our Correct ShoreSM Delivery Model helps us meet the peaks and valleys in our client's personnel requirements.
  • We invest in regular training to enhance employee skill sets to match the needs of a dynamic workplace
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  1. How much does it cost to develop a custom application?

    The cost varies widely based on complexity, features, and development resources. It can range from thousands to millions, tailored to your unique requirements.

  2. How long does it take to develop a custom application?

    Timelines depend on project complexity and scope. A simple app might take a few months, while complex systems could extend to a year or more.

  3. Which is an example of a customized application system?

    A personalized CRM system built to cater to a company's unique processes and requirements is a prime example of a customized application system.