Cybersecurity Technology

The Cybersecurity Risk Profile Platform (CRP Platform) is offering a holistic approach and a standard scorecard to enable cybersecurity leaders to analyze risk exposure by developing risk profiles for each business line or department based on the potential vulnerabilities that can trigger potential security events.

This solution will enable organizations to further conduct enterprise-wide cybersecurity risk assessments, maturity targets, develop an implementation roadmap, and prioritize and track remediation progress in any GRC environment

The CRP Platform is a cloud-hosted platform that lets organizations deploy our proven risk profile methodology to work for them, designed with the scalable effectiveness to let organizations evaluate their line of business or functional departments


SVAM’s CRP Platform is an industry leading, cloud-hosted application that empowers organizations to design their cybersecurity risk profile based on leading risk frameworks:

Evaluate cyber-attack scenarios focusing on security controls that protect your organization against observed real-world threats

Develop cybersecurity risk profiles by business units and map security controls to protect organization’s crown jewels

Baseline standard risk scorecard across the CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability) triad and regulatory requirements

Authorize systems in a phased approach by identifying when acceptable risk is achieved by the minimum prioritized control threshold

Provide a consolidated view of organization’s cybersecurity risk profile to upper management and the Board

Cyber security technology is the main cog in the wheel for offering cognitive assistance to protect data. It protects programs, systems, and networks from hackers or digital attacks. Cyberattacks target the confidential data of a company, industry, or vulnerable person.

Cyberattacks aim to destroy, distort, steal the sensitive information of a user or company for different reasons, primarily for extortion. However, in the presence of the cybersecurity risk profile platform (CRP), the chances of such attacks reduce to negligible.

The platform does not save or collect sensitive, critical and personal data. Thus, offering maximum security from unforeseen cyberattacks.

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