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Managed Services

Managed IT Services is a dedicated service that aims to reduce the burden of technological tasks inside a business by helping their IT team. Businesses can offload their routine but vital IT functions to a third-party IT services provider.

SVAM International takes ownership of maintaining/supporting your IT functions while also ensuring high efficiency and timely improvement of the processes within. With almost 3 decades of experience, SVAM International takes the responsibility of delivering the best solutions through a large set of skilled resources that operate from both onshore offices in the US and offshore locations in Mexico and India.

To ensure that operations run smoothly, our offshore locations have at-least a 4-hour overlap in timings with our US office.

Managed Services

Key Benefits of Managed Services

Customize your
IT Services

Your Business


Variable Costs

Why Choose SVAM For Your Managed IT Services?

  • 24 x 7 Support through various teams placed in different parts of the world
  • You can significantly reduce your support costs by leveraging SVAM’s global pool of talented resources
  • Minimized risk by providing proactive services that help prevent problems and fix them quickly and effectively, when they do arise
  • We make the best-of-breed functionality accessible to all our clients, that may otherwise not be affordable
  • Optimized use of your application/infrastructure landscape by leveraging the best practices in the industry
  • Our Correct ShoreSM Delivery Model helps us meet the peaks and valleys in our client's personnel requirements
  • We invest in regular training to enhance employee skill sets to match the needs of a dynamic workplace
  • We continuously cultivate and prune our network to reflect current and upcoming skills needed

Services that
Deliver Tangible
Business Value

Maintenance & Support

Perform detailed root-cause analysis and adopt a long-term view when deploying fixes to customer applications

Quality Assurance

Provides a comprehensive suite of testing and program management services to ensure that organizations realize the maximum value of their investments in enterprise applications

SVAM International’s managed IT services provide your business with the ability to attain a higher level of operational excellence with the rapid development of stable applications and solutions, all the while managing your costs.


  • Performance Monitoring
  • Patches
  • Break/Fix
  • Enhancement Requests


  • Remote monitoring of networks, system and applications
  • 24x7x365 fault, performance and security alerts
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Troubleshooting & Repair


  • Performance Monitoring & Tuning
  • Backup Scheduling & Monitoring
  • Monitoring & Issue resolution
  • Database Security
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