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Mobile Application Development

The demand for mobile-friendly services is on a rise and businesses have also begun to target their audiences by providing personalized and context-specific delivery directly to their devices.

To help businesses find a viable solution for their business needs, SVAM International comes in with an expertise in creating mobile applications that help scale up business performance and reach. Through the use of all the latest technologies, SVAM International provides development and support services to businesses that wish to launch their own custom mobile applications on various platforms including but not limited to Android, iOS, HTML 5, Swift, iPad, Flutter, and even IoT applications.

Mobile Application Development

Why Choose SVAM For Your Mobile Application Development Needs?

  • We provide 24 x 7 Support for all our clients through various teams placed in different parts of the world
  • Reduction in investment on setting up of right infrastructure and hiring qualified staff
  • Get innovation and quality through a fast, low-risk, proven model to build mobile application development teams and thereby reduce your app’s time to market
  • Optimized use of your application/infrastructure landscape by leveraging industry best practices
  • We share the responsibility of managing and mitigating the risk associated with mobile application development
  • We continuously cultivate and prune our network to reflect current and upcoming skills needed
  • A robust recruitment infrastructure enables us to locate the best resources for our clients' requirements. You can lower your support costs by leveraging a global talent pool
  • Our Correct ShoreSM Delivery Model helps us meet the peaks and valleys in our client's personnel requirements
  • We invest in continuing education for enhancing employee skill sets to match the needs of an ever-changing workplace

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