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The right resources can take the company on the hyper growth path, but finding the ideal fit for a dream IT team is not easy.

At SVAM International, our consulting and staffing services start way before we are engaged by our clients. We proactively identify and track industry leading tech talent across every market, so that we can respond to our clients requirements in a timely manner without compromising quality. Through our extensive network of over 25K+ resources, we can provide the right resource, at the right time for the right project.

Our stringent screening methods help us find the right candidates for your IT needs. With the experience across various business niches, focus, dedication, and commitment, we help you stay ahead of the competition by building a team that is more than just a bunch of working personnels.

Consulting & Staffing

The Need for Staffing and Consulting Services

Hiring a company that can provide you the ideal IT consulting services is crucial as your business growth is backed by the resources that work in the company. Recruiting the IT expertise necessitates specific training and might occasionally be in limited supply that may leave you competing for the right talent among the pool of resources. In such a scenario, the professional consulting services can be quite beneficial as they hand-pick the right resource specializing in required software and fitting like a glove to the business needs.

Having an experienced consulting and staffing company by your side takes the load of hiring people off of you and leaves you with people that have advanced skills. In addition, it also cuts down on expenses of interviewing, reviewing, and hiring people thereby leaving you more room to focus on the core tasks.

SVAM International’s IT Staffing and consulting team deploys highly trained, vetted, and certified IT professionals backed by our experienced team of reviewers who know precisely what you want

Professional Consulting Services Offered

Classic On-Site

We provide an in-house, full-time staff to expand and support your personnel.


We provide low-cost off-shore resources at our development locations in India and Mexico, to help mitigate or scale-up onsite engineering teams.


A combination of on-site and off-shore resources for clients that need round-the-clock support to help meet their goals and needs.

Benefits of Staffing and Consulting Services

An experienced team of IT Professionals and technology experts take care of the skills required to make it to the company. This ensures that the candidate that is onboarded is highly qualified and fits to the needs of the job.

Boost Recruitment Process
Boost Recruitment Process

With access to a large pool of qualified and skilled professionals, it becomes easier to find the one that fits right for the company.

Boost Recruitment Process
Saves Time

Since the candidate is experienced and comes with the required set of skills, you won’t have to train them which saves you hours of training

Boost Recruitment Process
Access to Talent

Companies offering professional staffing and consultancy services have greater access to talented candidates than most employers

Boost Recruitment Process
Cost Efficient

Save on the amount of money spent on analyzing, interviewing, and judging the candidates by getting the resources that you can be sure of.

Boost Recruitment Process
Better Retention

New hires can sometimes be risky. With the data through consulting services you can keep a record of an employee and save yourself from the setback.

Boost Recruitment Process
Quick Turnaround

Employees who leave need a quick replacement and the companies with access to a large candidate pool can look for and provide a suitable replacement faster.

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No matter how diverse your business vertical is, our professional staffing services can help you find the right resource that fits the needs of your project. We can help with finding the IT professionals for various business verticals through access to a large pool of resources

  • Financial Services
  • Automotive
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Retails
  • F&B
  • Commerce

We have a proven track record of sourcing resources across the technology stack

Backend Engineering


Frontend Engineering




Testing – Manual & Test Automation


Web Content Management

Big Data & Analytics




Cloud Services

Cyber Security


Why Choose SVAM?

Full staffing, recruiting, and consulting services are offered by the experts at SVAM International. In a competitive job market where opportunities outnumber the qualified individuals, our advisors can help you find the perfect IT talent to build a dream IT Team.

  • 24 x 7 Support through various teams in different parts of the world
  • Reduced recruitment and training costs
  • A robust recruitment infrastructure to locate the best resources for clients’ requirements.
  • Leverage the benefit of access to a global talent pool
  • We continuously cultivate and prune our network to reflect current and upcoming skills needed.
  • Learning and implementing advanced technological learnings for software development
  • Correct ShoreSM Delivery Model to meet the peaks and valleys in clients’ personnel requirements
  • Continued enhancement of employee skill sets to match the needs of a dynamic workplace
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  1. Should I work with a staffing agency for my small sized business?

    Yes, if yours is a small business you must opt for professional consulting services to help you get the right staff for your business that can boost the company growth.

  2. What should I look for in a consulting staffing agency before hiring them?

    The main parameters of hiring a good staffing company are the team of hiring experts, previous project and employee recruitments, previous employee retention rate, and years of experience.

  3. What other services can I get from staffing and consulting agencies?

    Staffing companies can provide various employment-related services like contractual and temporary staffing, staff outsourcing and recruiting and permanent placement.