Consulting and Staffing

Our consulting and staffing services start much before we are engaged by our clients. We just don’t react to our clients needs, we proactively identify and track industry leading Tech talent in every market, so we can respond to our clients requirements in a timely manner without compromising quality. At SVAM International, we pride ourselves on our extensive network and stringent screening methods to find the right-fit candidates for your IT needs. Our experience, focus, Dedication, and commitment to your success helps us stand out from the competition.

Consulting & Staffing

Services Offered

Classic On-Site

We provide an in-house, full-time staff to expand and support your personnel.


We provide low-cost off-shore resources at our development locations in India and Mexico, to help mitigate or scale-up onsite engineering teams.


A combination of on-site and off-shore resources for clients that need around-the-clock support to help meet their goals and needs.

Why Choose SVAM?

  • 24 x 7 Support through various teams placed in different parts of the world
  • Reduced recruitment and training costs
  • A robust recruitment infrastructure enables us to locate the best resources for our clients’ requirements. You can lower your support costs by leveraging a global talent pool
  • We continuously cultivate and prune our network to reflect current and upcoming skills needed.
  • We invest in continuing education for enhancing employee skill sets to match the needs of an ever-changing workplace. Our Correct ShoreSM Delivery Model helps us meet the peaks and valleys in our client’s personnel requirements.
  • Substantial cost savings based on low offshore labor rates, access to specialized technology skills.
  • Get innovation and quality through a fast, low-risk, proven model to build development teams and thereby reduce your solution/product’s time to market.
  • Take advantage of “follow-the-sun” continuous development process
  • Optimized use of your application/infrastructure landscape by leveraging industry best practices
  • We share the responsibility of managing and mitigating risks associated with software and application development

We have a proven track record of sourcing resources across the technology stack

Backend Engineering


Frontend Engineering




Testing – Manual & Test Automation


Web Content Management

Big Data & Analytics




Cloud Services

Cyber Security


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