Enterprise collaboration system

Smart businesses are backed by powerful decision-making capabilities that come with better interaction and highly simplified inter and intra team interactions. Collaboration tools can support cooperative work by sharing access with common resources surpassing the physical boundaries allowing them to work from anywhere. These solutions can help eliminate data silos and help everyone make better and well-informed decisions.

SVAM International analyzes the need for an enterprise collaboration platform and integrates the ideal tool to help organizations with complex structures that can smoothly manage processes and simplify information sharing.

Our expert team of developers and analysts make use of the best technology available in the industry to help us create thorough and rich collaboration solutions.

Collaboration Solutions

The Need for Collaboration Solutions?

Working in a highly digitized world isn’t easy. Handling massive data, managing connections, and constantly interacting with your teammates can be overwhelming but the right collaboration tools can foster better operations.

Empower your team with collaboration solutions that enable better employee satisfaction, higher employee engagement, and enables them to work from anywhere. The right set of collaboration tools can help break down the silos, streamline the processes, and assist in decision- making for businesses.

By bringing everyone together to a cohesive work space, you can also ensure financial success, cultural alignment, and promote higher engagement rates.

To further aid our clients in extending their reach to quality services, we also provide a number of Value Added Services like:

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Share Point Consulting

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on End to End Solutions

Core Components of Collaboration solutions



Fostering better ideas, constructive debates, and innovative discussion that can promote high performance



Enabling better work from anywhere in the world to produce synchronized and high impact performance.



Boosting the transparency of vision, responsibility, communication, and work to appreciate every little effort



Individual accountability for enhancing the cumulative growth and removing distrust among teammates.



Promoting everyone to fulfill their individual responsibilities that ensures streamlining of their collaborative work

Benefits of Enterprise Collaboration Software

Powerful collaboration tools have the ability to promote better workflows and offer hassle-free data management to keep everything that matters to your business up and running. Apart from offering cost effective management, file sharing, and secure work space collaboration tools offer an array of benefits.


Experience the ability to seamlessly connect with your teammates and B2B networks with powerful enterprise collaboration software.


Keep your data safe from breaches with a software that provides selective access while enabling complete transparency to the authorized personnels.

Track &

Stay at the top of every task and track the task progress in a single enterprise collaboration platform and never miss an update.


Be there for your teammates or clients whenever they need you, wherever they need you with the collaboration tools that enable better work.



Push the limits and enjoy the scalability as your work grows with a scalable enterprise collaboration system that has room for more.


An ideal collaboration tool allows third party integration to make the work more effective, fast, and enhances the efficiency of the work.

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No matter how diverse your business vertical is, integrating the right collaborative enterprise platform will simplify your business while optimizing workflows and connections throughout the organization.

  • Financial Services
  • Automotive
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Retails
  • F&B
  • Commerce

Our Application Development Process

Why Choose SVAM International For Your Collaboration Solutions Needs?

The subject matter experts at SVAM International analyze your business, study its processes, and select the right enterprise collaboration software to integrate to your business. By chalking out the complete plan, we also ensure that everyone is familiar with the system to eliminate any redundancy and bring down the silo based decision making.

  • 24 x 7 Support through various teams from different parts of the world
  • Cost effective solutions by developing the right infrastructure
  • Innovation and quality through a fast, low-risk, proven model
  • Optimized use of your application/infrastructure landscape by leveraging industry best practices
  • Learning and Implementing advanced technological learnings for software development
  • Correct ShoreSM Delivery Model to meet the peaks and valleys in clients’ personnel requirements
  • Continued enhancement of employee skill sets to match the needs of a dynamic workplace
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  1. What are some examples of Collaboration tools?

    Microsoft Sharepoint, Jira, Wirke, Slack, Asana, Atlssian confluence, Webex, Trello are some of the examples of enterprise collaboration software

  2. Where to use collaboration tools?

    Collaboration softwares can be used anywhere from working together on a single platform to communicating together through messaging, calls, conferencing, and more.

  3. How to choose the right collaborative enterprise platform for my business.

    Every business is different and so is their need. SVAM International can help you identify the right collaboration software by understanding your needs and integrating an ideal collaboration tool.

  4. Is collaboration important for small and medium sized businesses?

    Yes. Regardless of the business size, collaboration tools are vital to keep the business going and bring everyone together to produce better results.