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Application Maintenance & Support

When it comes to managing applications, businesses face several challenges. It includes creating a balance between continuous improvements through the adoption of new technologies and maintaining a stable application portfolio. Most of the businesses fail to manage the legacy applications. Not because of the technical feasibility but due to the time required and the risk involved.

At SVAM International, we ensure that issues are identified early, and risks are mitigated to retain the time-tested business knowledge. Our global delivery model enables us to provide quality services so they can maximize the return value on their past business-critical investments. Our technical expertise, a wide variety of skills, and deep domain knowledge make us a great choice for businesses looking to leverage the benefits of application maintenance

To further help clients make their choice, we have developed processes that can seamlessly handle transitions. A thorough root cause analysis and a detailed long-term view help us in delivering the right fixes to all customer applications. Our metrics-driven approach covers business continuity and disaster recovery aspects as well.

Application Management & Support

Benefits of Application Maintenance and Support Services:

  • You can focus the efforts of your internal staff on strategic business and new technology initiatives
  • Establish measurable Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for problem management and resolution
  • Introduce new and improved practices in the company culture while increasing internal resource productivity using proven support processes
  • Realize cost savings of 15%-40% annually by outsourcing management and support of applications
  • Sustain and improve the quality of current systems through proactive maintenance activities
  • Boost internal employee morale by allowing them to focus on new technology initiatives

We offer various support models that suit our client’s specific needs:

On-Site | On-site / Off-Shore Hybrid | Off-Shore Only

Each model is designed to meet our client’s specific needs ranging from a pure on-site focus, as may be required for a business-critical application which needs real time monitoring and adjustment, to a completely off-shore model for a more established application. In most cases we find that the Hybrid model works best as it provides a balanced level of support at an optimized cost model.
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