Hosted Teams

In the modern world, businesses are just beginning to segment their Information Technology environments and acquire the services of specialized service providers to leverage their skills.

This ‘Portfolio Approach’ to hire offshore/onsite professionals for the business’s technological needs is more tedious than it looks. It is expensive and finding qualified professionals is a hard task, and retaining these professionals is equally challenging.

At SVAM International, a leading offshore software development company, we believe that the right outsourcing partner can bring you strong benefits in terms of risk mitigation, speed, and quality, while also significantly reducing costs incurred in the form of time, facilities, infrastructure, and support staff. We have helped businesses save 35-40% of costs related to salaries, facilities, and infrastructure.

Hosted Teams

Through our host of offshore development teams in India and Mexico, as a trusted offshore software development company, we ensure that a majority of our clients’ investments in establishing operations are saved as we take advantage of the cost benefits and a pool of skilled resources available to us.

Why Choose SVAM for Client-Managed Off-Shore Teams?

  • Reduced costs in
    salaries and developing
  • Focus on your business by
    offloading day-to-day tasks
    as well as complement
    your internal IT team.
  • Get access to professionals
    from around the world,
    gaining the advantage of a
    world-class talent pool for
    your technological needs.
  • SVAM International manages
    work effectively towards
    mitigating the risks associated
    with software development.
  • Get innovation and quality
    through a fast, low-risk, proven
    model to build software
    development teams and
    thereby reduce your product’s
    time to market.
  • No need to establish a legal
    entity or deal with
    complicated legal/compliance
    issues in the local market.
  • Ensure a 24-hour
    development cycle by
    collaborating with an
    offshore software
    development team located
    in a different time zone.
  • We provide auto-scaling of
    the development team as
    and when needed by the

How Client Managed Team Works?

  • The client will request for the resources they need
  • SVAM’s recruiting team finds skilled resources that conform to the requirements raised. We screen these resources for lingual, cultural, and technical fit before they are shortlisted for the client’s perusal
  • The client’s team will then interview the shortlisted candidates and select the best ones. Interviews are done remotely and SVAM manages all the logistics involved
  • Successful candidates are employed after completing all the HR, contractual, legal, taxation, and compliance formalities
  • The resources are then deployed either directly or as an extension of the client's onsite team. The resource(s) can also be managed through a local onsite SVAM project manager
  • SVAM takes care of all the costs related to facilities and infrastructure. We provide dedicated and secure office space, connectivity, and all the hardware or software configurations required
  • These resources will work 100% on their projects, under their guidelines, and will adhere to all their work practices
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