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SVAM International Inc. is a Global Information Technology (IT) services provider that delivers value and competitive advantage to its customers by improving their access to critical information, automating their business processes, and helping their personnel collaborate effectively.

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Cyber threats and attacks are increasing on a global scale, with businesses investing heavily in protecting their assets and information from the hands of unauthorized users. It is becoming increasingly essential to secure your business from malicious intents and unauthorized access...

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Cloud Services

SVAM leverages its years of experience in Cloud migration and Cloud application development to help organizations maximize their Returns On Investments on Cloud-based technologies. With the use of a robust and thoroughly developed...

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AI and RPA

Artificial Intelligence and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) are some of the strongest tools of the digital age which make it possible to teach a machine how to do repetitive tasks with the same accuracy and speed that an ideal human would...

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is all about helping you run and automate your business’s important processes, including finance, manufacturing, HR, supply chain, services, procurement, business development, and others easily...

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Quality Assurance (QA)

Testing and Quality checks are an integral part of software development. To ensure the success and smooth working of any program developed from scratch and to check if it is compatible with the systems of a client,...

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Custom Application Development & System Integration

Custom Application Development is all about designing and programming software applications that are targeted to a specific user group, mostly within an organization. Built to address very specific needs inside an organization, custom applications...

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Data and Analytics

In the age of Business and Digital Transformation, data plays a key role in an organization's ability to gain critical insights into its business. Data-driven decisions allow your organizations to be more efficient and to identify revenue streams that may not have apparent...

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Collaboration Solutions

Collaboration or collaborative solutions are a set of activities that support cooperative work among people by sharing an access with common resources across physical boundaries. SVAM International builds such Collaboration Solutions to help organizations with complex structures...

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Mobile Application Development

The demand for mobile-friendly services is on a rise and businesses have also begun to target their audiences by providing personalized and context-specific delivery directly to their devices. To help businesses find a viable solution for their business needs...

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Application Management & Support

When it comes to managing applications, businesses face several challenges. It includes creating a balance between continuous improvements through the adoption of new technologies and maintaining a stable application portfolio. Most of the businesses...

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Consulting & Staffing

Our consulting and staffing services start much before we are engaged by our clients. We just don’t react to our client's needs, we proactively identify and track industry-leading Tech talent in every market, so we can respond to our client's requirements in a timely manner without compromising quality...

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Managed Services

Managed IT Services is a dedicated service that aims to reduce the burden of technological tasks inside a business by helping their IT team. Businesses can offload their routine but vital IT functions to a third-party IT services provider. SVAM International takes ownership...

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Hosted Teams

In the modern world, businesses are just beginning to segment their Information Technology environments and acquire the services of specialized service providers to leverage their skills. This ‘Portfolio Approach’ to hire offshore/onsite professionals for the business’s technological needs...

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The SVAM Difference



SVAM’s Software application development process leverages its Correct ShoreSM Global Delivery Model.



SVAM has adapted its Business and Delivery Model to align with its customer’s dynamic environments.



SVAM’s expert staff is equipped with industry skills, knowledge, and decades of experience providing clients with 24/7 support.




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