Why Is IT Quality Assurance An Important Aspect For Small Businesses?

Businesses are going digital at a rapid rate today and while it is making the life of the consumer easy, it is also increasing the need for technological superiority. Business owners are competing with each other to push out better products and services, and to make them available as soon as possible so they can capture a larger market share.

In addition, businesses also have to make sure that they are not making any compromises on the quality of their digital solutions. Considering that 67% of app users cite bad experiences as their reason to leave an application, Quality Assurance is more than just important. It is integral. Here are more reasons why you should not ignore it.

Why Software Quality Assurance Should Not Be Skipped

  • Saves Time and Money
    Finding a bug later in the development process or worse yet, after launch can cost a lot more money than nipping an issue in the bud. A quality assurance cycle embedded within the development lifecycle is a great way of addressing a bug before it becomes an issue.
  • Final Product is Stable and Competent
    In a competitive market, your product or service needs to reflect your commitment towards quality. Quality assurance is the way of identifying any potential problems in the product before its launch, so it remains stable, free of bugs, and highly competent for the market.
  • Safe and secure
    Safety and security are important pillars of the modern world’s digital user experience. It is becoming a part of the trustworthiness of service and that is exactly why quality assurance teams need to take a look at the aspect of safety. Data security is one of the most fundamental needs of the digital world.
  • Market Reputation
    Launching an unfinished product is going to hurt your reputation in the market more than you can imagine. Users begin to notice the minor (or major) errors in your products which hurt the people’s trust in the brand. Letting the QA teams take a look at the product in its development lifecycle can save you the trouble later.
  • Meet Customer Expectations
    The intent that drives the need to develop a solution is that it will be used by your audience (or by your employees), and that is why it needs to meet all the expectations of the end-user.

Quality Assurance is inseparable from the development lifecycle of a product, and thus, is important for business. With a team of qualified quality assurance specialists, SVAM International is your technology partner as we promise to bring the latest and greatest in tech and software quality assurance. Book your consultation now.