What You Would Get From SVAM International’s Suite Of Cloud Service

Cloud computing has changed the way people and businesses interacted with the world of the internet. Cloud computing environment provides great flexibility and availability of computing resources at a lower cost. This emerging technology has opened up new avenues in different disciplines of varied industries.

The idea of making services available remotely instead of an on-site server, completely changed the game for all kinds of services that are offered online. It made everything faster, available at users’ fingertips, and almost changed everything.

At SVAM International, we understand the many benefits of cloud-based technology for our clientele and their businesses. With expert cloud service providers and solution architects at SVAM International, we use best-in-class tools for monitoring, management, automation, delivery, and servicing of all cloud-based solutions, so businesses can achieve their goals, improve their profitability and increase their ROI. Here’s a glimpse of cloud-based services that we offer so that you can embark on your journey of Cloud.

Cloud Advisory Services

Cloud is undoubtedly an evolution in technology, especially in a world that is becoming more and more mobile-driven. The Cloud Services team at SVAM International helps clients understand the importance, benefits, and strategies of Cloud. Our team provides full consultancy on the adoption of cloud, for the migration of legacy systems to cloud, and aid businesses in the complete deployment of their systems. Major benefits of our cloud advisory services include:

  • Application portfolio assessment
  • Architecture Strategy & Roadmap
  • Evaluation & Selection of the right cloud platforms
  • Cloud TCO analysis & ROI

Cloud Migration Services

A lot of complexities are involved in moving an existing critical business infrastructure and applications to the cloud. These are integral to any business, which is why SVAM’s cloud migration services team is dedicated to helping businesses define a clear roadmap for their migration plan. Because there are so many complexities involved, the team will also design a proper risk management plan before executing the move. The highlights of this service are:

  • Infrastructure Migration
  • Application and Data Migration
  • Cloud migration framework
  • Pilot migrations with pre-migration testing
  • Migration tools & Migration process templates
  • Assessment, Design, Planning, Migration, And Testing
  • Cost-Effective
  • Zero Downtime

Cloud-Native Application Services

Native Applications are a collection of small services that are interlinked with each other while also being independent of each other. It is the best way to speed up the app-building process, while also optimizing existing applications, and in the end, connect them all together. SVAM holds expertise in microservices, Dev ops, infrastructure, and test automation that helps organizations develop cloud-native applications that can scale the market easily and rapidly. The highlights of this service are:

  • Microservices and Containerization
  • Custom Application development
  • Infrastructure Automation
  • Logging & Monitoring
  • CI and CD Server
  • Service Discovery
  • Container Orchestration
  • Distributed Streaming Platform
  • Service Management
  • Databases
  • Secret Management

SVAM uses the latest and top-notch platforms like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to enable enterprises to create their very own customized application. We are one of the leading cloud service providers based in the USA with offshore teams in Mexico and India, dedicated to helping businesses from all over gain a boost in the digital revolution. Book your consultation with our team of experts and bring your business online.