Web Development Trends You Must Keep An Eye Out For In 2021

There are close to 2 billion websites in the world, each of them competing to get the necessary traffic from their target audience. Some of them remain relevant for longer, while a huge number of these websites rarely see any action from the online world. Why this disparity? There are a number of factors that affect this influx of internet users on a particular website, but one of the important factors is how useful and trendy a business’s website is.

To stay relevant, web developers keep on finding innovative ways to give the user experience a fresh new feel. There are certain trends that they follow to make websites more dynamic, practical, and focussed on the main objective of the business.

Here are the top 2021 web development trends that you must keep an eye on.

Web Development Trends of 2021

  • Progressive Web Apps Development
    Progressive Web Apps (PWA) have been catching up slowly with the efficacy of Native apps while adding a new level of convenience to their use. Statistics show that PWAs have about 36% higher conversion rates than native apps. That means it will definitely overtake native apps in bringing a mobile app-like user experience across devices this year.
  • Dark Themes
    Dark theme on apps was the most fascinating trend of the last couple of years, and a number of brands jumped onto the wagon for adopting a new UI for their Apps. 2021 will be about bringing the dark theme to websites, adding a stylish touch to the user’s experience. Given how bigger giants have already adopted the dark themes on their websites; it has the potential to become quite a huge trend.
  • Single Page Websites
    A trend that really caught in the year 2020 was single-page websites. 2021 will be the year that sees the trend perfected. Extensive websites look great; however, they are quickly becoming obsolete now. Single-page websites are quicker to load and especially easy to navigate, and with the rising number of mobile devices, they are surely going to become a viable and scalable trend.
  • Website Security
    Website security, especially for businesses that deal directly with customers’ information and e-commerce websites, is a constant matter of concern. According to a report, as many as 50,000 websites are breached by hackers in a single day, which makes it important to put proper security features in place for websites, in the year 2021.
  • Cloud Computing
    With a market share of $300 Billion+, public cloud services are expected to grow even bigger in 2021. It will continue to replace regular servers around the world as more and more businesses, whether large, medium, or small, begin to come aboard the cloud platform.

These web development trends are not only a prediction about what you must expect from businesses this year but also what you must expect from developers while availing custom web application development services.

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