Suffolk County New York Deploys Robotic Process Automation Technology to Improve Tracking of COVID-19 Testing

Great Neck, NY, USA – (24 April 2020) – SVAM International is pleased to announce the deployment of Robotic Process Automation technology (RPA) to accelerate the reporting of COVID-19 testing results across Suffolk County (NY). The application of this advanced technology benefited the County by dramatically reducing the delay in reporting test results as well as virtually eliminating the manual effort necessary to accomplish this process.

Great Neck, NY — 04/27/2020 –Prior to automation, Suffolk County was limited to manually processing patient lab test data provided by New York State. At the current testing volume, this manual process required over fifteen full-time experienced nurses to handle the data transfer. The County projected the necessary personnel/ resources dedicated to this task to continue to increase in line with the volume of testing.

SVAM was engaged by Suffolk County on an emergency project to make the data transfer process scalable and timely, while sustaining data quality. The SVAM team leveraged cutting edge technology (UiPath’s – Robotic Process Automation – RPA) to automate the end-to-end process improving the quality and availability of the data for the County in less than ten days.

Scott Mastellon – Commissioner of Information Technology, Suffolk County

“SVAM’s ability to quickly understand our problem, stand up a team of experts to design a solution and successfully implement that solution within 10 days was simply incredible. SVAM’s commitment to our needs and ability to execute was critical to County’s Covid-19 response efforts.”

Manav Bhasin – Managing Director, SVAM International

“The SVAM team took on this challenge and leveraged our RPA expertise to help Suffolk County. We worked tirelessly with the Suffolk County IT team to quickly develop a solution. From the onset of the project, as we analyzed their manual process, we were able to envision how their process could be automated with an army of “Bots” freeing up valuable personnel for more critical patient related tasks. The successful implementation of this project has provided a great deal of satisfaction knowing the impact on Suffolk County and its residents.”

About SVAM International

SVAM International is a global Information Technology (IT) services provider that delivers value to clients by providing the people and solutions they need. Since its inception in 1994, SVAM has grown into a $50M global organization with over 700 technology professionals in the United States, Mexico, and India, with skills across a wide range of technologies.

About Suffolk County

Suffolk County incorporates the easternmost extreme of the New York City metropolitan area. The largest of Long Island’s four counties and the second largest of 62 counties in New York State, with a population of almost 1.5 million people

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