How ProTRACKPlus Is an Effective CRM Tool For High Impact EDOs?

SVAM International Inc.’s ProTRACKPlus is a dedicated SaaS-based CRM tool developed exclusively for Economic Development Organizations (EDOs). It is customized to provide ensure tracking of active projects, managing contacts, managing companies, and boosting reporting activities to increase leadership’s ownership. The tool is specifically built to provide all basic functionalities of a CRM, plus six more tools.The tool exceeds the expectations of users by providing features that offer an extra edge and control to EDOs. The customized dashboards maximize transparency, accountability, and communications within the business, and a completely automated reporting and tracking system helps in managing your relationships with your existing and prospecting businesses while saving you precious time and money. Let’s take a deeper look into the compelling features of this software!

The Unique Features of ProTRACKPlus

  • Real-Time Reporting One of the most important features of a great CRM tool is reporting. ProTRACKPlus comes with seven built-in reports plus a totally customizable report generator that can publish all your real-time metrics. These dynamic reports keep your leadership well-informed about projects, contacts, and companies. These reports come in handy when there are financial decisions to be made and they need to be backed up by strong data.
  • Managing your Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) As the businesses in your locale come back online, they will need all the help you can give them. ProTRACKPlus has a built-in survey generator with multiple ways of distributing questionnaires and forms. When these are completed and submitted by the respondent, the data automatically populates into the respective company’s profile. All data is then automatically aggregated, totaled, and presented using colorful charts and graphs. You don’t have to do anything but author the questions and/or forms and ProTRACKPlus handles everything else.
  • Security One of the most interesting features of ProTRACKPlus is the built-in proprietary “Safe Room” where you can store all important documents like financial statements, offer letters and deal sheets. The data stored here is not meant for publication and if someone sends an email to the source of the confidential data from the Safe Room, the moderator only has a limited amount of time or window to submit it before the system closes again.
  • Document Library The document library is for sharing files and documents that can be viewed throughout the organization. The categories and subcategories found in the program’s library help you in managing a large volume of documents. In fact, you can edit the categories and subcategories to match your EDO’s needs.
  • Flexible The admin panel on ProTRACKPlus allows you to edit 90% of all fields, tabs, and drop-down menus in the tool to what you will need in your daily operations. This also includes how your reports will look, so you and your leadership will have accurate and up-to-date information whenever you need it. All changes are automatically captured and updated throughout the tool for real-time use. Imagine all the time you will save on customizing weekly, monthly, and annual reports.
ProTRACKPlus is the result of the joint expertise of professionals and visionaries from SVAM International Inc. with more than 30 years in the economic development profession. Combining their knowledge with cutting edge digital technologies, the team came up with ProTRACKPlus. Book your consultation with one of our experts today.
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