Scott Mastellon

Scott Mastellon brings a wealth of experience as a senior level executive technology leader in the public sector with over a two decades of public sector experience that includes a long tenure as the CIO of Suffolk County, NY. Scott has been dedicated to spearheading digital transformation in the public sector throughout his career and has an established track record of substantially enhancing operational efficiencies and technology services. His strategic leadership was crucial during challenging times, such as the COVID-19 crisis and a ransomware cyber-attack in Suffolk County, where he led significant technology initiatives and crisis management operations.

As the Managing Director of Public Sector at SVAM, he is responsible for developing and implementing public sector marketing and sales strategic planning efforts that align with SVAM’s core public sector technology services. These efforts will emphasize and highlight innovative technology solutions for our government clients by leveraging his in-depth experiences with Digital Modernization, Cybersecurity, RPA and AI, Salesforce and Data Modernization. Scott’s vision and dedication to excellence position him as a key architect in advancing SVAM’s mission to empower governments with cutting-edge solutions that drive significant advancements in public sector technology services.

Scott holds a degree in Mathematics from SUNY Oswego and has been recognized with numerous awards for his contributions in Suffolk County. His innovative efforts in technology have also been featured in several prestigious industry publications.