Kambiz Mofrad

Kambiz Mofrad is a highly successful senior executive and subject matter expert in Cybersecurity, Technology, and Data Privacy with many years of leadership and implementation experience, focusing on resolving complex enterprise and regulatory issues. Having served for Citigroup in various risk management and technology leadership roles for near three-decade, Kami has an exceptional track record of surpassing corporate goals and objectives. Through these years, Kami demonstrated a solid, comprehensive and global capabilities in technical development, information security, supplier risk, operational management, data management and best-in-class technology solutions for institutional and global accounts.

During his years at Citi, Kami leveraged his extensive technology and risk management knowledge to design and implement practical solutions to be fully aligned with internal and external regulatory policies, that included
development of a new information security tools and methodologies to meet the regulatory commitment, creating an aggregated view of risk profiles, and mapping the risks and issues to existing information security initiatives. He architected and implemented Global Citi Third Party Continuous Monitoring and Third-Party Cyber Health Check programs, monitored 2.4K+ third parties near-realtime, met the regulatory commitments, and significantly reduced Third Party IS Risks for the organization. Additionally, he designed and implemented a state-of-the-art client-less secure email solution utilized by thousands of users, achived a significant $100MM savings, and was awarded the ISE 2009 Project of the Year.

Kambiz has deep expertise in the areas of cybersecurity, application development, IT infrastructure management, Fraud, IT financial management, and business continuity. He also implemented multiple regulatory mandates solutions and has a great understating of compliance related to enforcement actions, and industry recognized standards including ISO 27001, HIPAA, FFIEC, NIST, SOC 2, and GDPR.

Kambiz spent his early part of his career working for AT&T Bell Laboratories as a member of technical staff design and implemented more than few complex application and Infrastructure and IT security solutions; clients included, FAA, American Express, American Airlines, New York Life, Mead Data Central, and some government agencies.

Notable credentials

  • Co-Led savings of $20MM established Citi’s first Information Security Strategy, IS Framework and Implementation Roadmap, built foundation for IT Risk Management implementation prioritization, and delivered focus on high-risk areas.
  • Co-developed the onboarding of Cloud Services Security Certification that included: data privacy, cross-border, SLA, and redundancy. As a part of this exercise all new acquisitions of any cloud-based services must get approved through this established process and have the approval of the Business Chief Information Officer
  • Directed Citigroup remote access facilities in 175 countries and managed the implementation of Remote Access Services for Citigroup globally, which facilitated an exchange of $1.1T daily.
  • Initiated the original Citi remote working strategy called Citi in the Box, which now has become Citi Virtual Workplace and supported 150K+ users during COVID-19 and saved billions.
  • Recipient of President’s Volunteer Service Award 2013 and 2014