SVAM Recognized With LISA For Cybersecurity Risk Profiling & Advisory Services

New York, NY – SVAM International Inc., one of the leading digital transformation companies providing app development, RPA, and Cybersecurity, has been recognized with the LISA (Long Island Software & Technology Network) 2022 award for its innovative cyber risk profiling application and cybersecurity risk advisory services.

“We are very excited to be recognized in the cybersecurity space. The team’s dedication and innovative approach are integral to our client’s success in the public and private sectors. Everyone who has been a part of SVAM’s journey over the past three decades should be proud and honored to see SVAM inked in the LISA book of the “2022 Products and Services Award,” said Kiran Bhujle, Cybersecurity Practice Leader.

This award will bolster the recognition of SVAM cybersecurity services and reassure consumers about the highly advanced and LISA-recognized cybersecurity services provided by SVAM. By helping small and medium-sized businesses in the private sector take effective and efficient steps in handling cyber threats, upgrading digitally, switching to better applications, and working shoulder-to-shoulder with this dynamically changing world, SVAM has made its mark in the IT sector.

About SVAM International, Inc.
SVAM International Inc. (SVAM), headquartered in New York, is a trusted partner with over 28 years of experience working with diverse public and private sector global organizations. SVAM offers a robust array of IT services, such as Cybersecurity, robotic process automation, custom app development, collaboration tools, and more.

Our global network of highly skilled technologists and cybersecurity professionals offers high-quality, cost-effective, and agile solutions. SVAM has offices all around the country and development centers in Mexico, India, and Bangladesh.