With advancement in technology, the need for robust security of the digital space has only increased. Cybersecurity is an integral part of the digital revolution in businesses of all scales and sizes, and yet, small and medium-sized businesses continue to be at a high risk of an unprecedented attack. In fact, a study conducted by Small Business Trends concluded that SMBs were targets of approximately 43% of worldwide cybersecurity attacks. This can be attributed to the fact that though SMBs tend to have more resources than an individual, they do not incorporate as efficient security measures as do bigger corporations.

Furthermore, a study conducted by Unbrokerage conclusively proved that  60% of small businesses will no longer be a going concern within six months of facing a cyber attack. So as a small business owner, safety is a desert oasis, a mirage disguising nearly the double likelihood of falling prey to cybercrime.

However, there are certain steps you can take to protect your business from such threats – have a look!

How Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Can Enhance Their Cyber Security

  • Understand Emerging Threats

    To begin with, one must first gather knowledge of the threat. Over the years, cyber attackers have schemingly devised a number of tactics to access sensitive information, private to businesses. 


    Hacking, or losing access to an unauthorized entity, is the most common form of cyber attacks that are a threat to SMBs. Hacking allows the hacker to view and manipulate data on the system, thus allowing the hacker to leak such information for monetary benefits. 

    • Phishing: In phishing, the attacker gains access to sensitive personal information when a user shares it on a fraudulent website that is made to appear legitimate. This includes your passwords and banking information.
    • Malware:  Malicious software (or malware) is a program developed to access secure information and to share it with the attacker from your system. Although, it does not harm the hardware, it can do a lot of damage in terms of the data that it attacks.
    • Keylogging: Keylogging identifies the keystrokes that a user makes on their systems. It takes screenshots of your systems, possibly giving the hacker access to the sensitive information on one’s system. 
  • Educating The Employees

    Once you have an understanding of how your system can be attacked, it is time to take measures against it. The first step is to educate your employees. Train them to identify high-risk online activity and warning signs of  malicious cyberattacks, and to prevent such mishaps. 

    Make sure that their devices, whether provided by the company or whether they carry their own, are secure. Most importantly, have a strict password policy in place, and make sure to change your password frequently. 

  • Keep Your Systems Up To Date

    While internal threats make up for a large portion of cyber-attacks in the world, the threat to your systems from the outside is equally concerning. Your hardware, software, and security systems need to stay up-to-date at all times. This includes installing a firewall for internet connections, regularly updating antivirus software, downloading new updates, and securing the workplace wifi. However, the best way to bring everything under a security umbrella is to consult a system integration expert and tie all your solutions together. 

  • Have A Security Strategy
    The most proactive way of securing your business is to put a thorough strategy in place. With the use of cloud computing and system integration, you can secure a wide majority of your systems and sensitive information. So that in case there is a breach despite all the measures; you can respond appropriately to it.

Every business has needs and to answer these needs, they invest in a variety of services. When it comes to creating a larger & better digital presence/prowess, not all businesses have the right set of tools and resources. This is why managed IT services are considered a golden investment in today’s world. More than 54% of tech services are managed by a third party in the current world, a number that is only expected to grow.

For small and medium-sized enterprises aiming to be digitally efficient, enhancing their user’s experience, and finding ways to reach more people, a managed resource is the most efficient way to achieve their technological goals.

Here are all the benefits that outsourcing your technological work to a managed resource can bring to your growing business.

Why Managed IT Services Are Good For SMBs?

  • Cost-Effective
    Hiring a professional for in-house work is a regular practice for all businesses, but hiring a resource with a particular skill-set for a time-bound project is a complex decision to make. Managed services are all about helping you reduce the complexity of this decision. Moreover, hiring a permanent resource will not only cost you more in terms of salaries but also in overhead costs and capital. Managed IT Services will help you save these costs.
  • Focus on Internal Operations
    When you and your in-house IT team are not burdened with a new project that needs all hands on deck, you can dedicate your efforts to your business’s growth. While the project is important, your team does not need to constantly switch focus as the project manager can keep a track of the progress and ensure that everything is on track. In a time of growth, your efforts should only be focused on progress.
  • Return On Investment
    Managed IT Services are, in a sense, an investment made into the business. While the initial investment is substantial, the long-term benefit that the solution will bring you is more important. The long-term ROI of managed services will far outweigh the initial and even monthly investments made into payouts and maintenance.
  • Security
    Did you know that 43% of all cyberattacks in the world target small businesses? In a time when you cannot afford downtime or losing important data, security is key. With managed services, you can always rest assured that you made the right move as these professionals know exactly how to protect your business’s security.
  • Support
    Issues in the Information Technology realm, especially in the current scenario, cost a ton of money. In times like these, having professional support from an expert can be an invaluable solution. You don’t only have an employee waiting for your instructions, but an expert who knows their field and can get you back on track.

With an increase in traffic on SMBs, it’s time to invest your revenue into improving your IT infrastructure. You can do this with SVAM International Inc. a recognized managed service provider in the USA with an international pool of technical talent that is dedicated to all your IT needs. Book your consultation with one of our experts today.

There have been tons of technologies in the past that have transformed the way businesses operate. From multi-point telecommunications to the internet revolution, everything has seen quick adoption by leading businesses of the world.

In this race to get more technologically advanced, cloud services have been the biggest game-changer of modern times. The cloud has transformed user experience while at the same time made businesses and relevant data more accessible.

The global market size of cloud computing sat at a whopping $330 Billion, with more than 90% of the world’s companies operating on the cloud. At its current rate, the overall business spends on harnessing cloud computing’s potential is expected to double by the year 2023, which is one of the prime reasons to ask yourself the golden question: Is your business ready for the cloud? Here is a checklist of important aspects!

How To Know Your Business Is Ready For Cloud?

  • Downtime Is Costing You
    The problem with a server on your site is that in the end, it is hardware. In such conditions, downtime is inevitable. It will happen sometime soon. And that is a business expense that you will have to pay, however begrudgingly.
    A study showed that more than 17% of businesses in the world paid close to $5 Million per hour of downtime. Cloud servers are maintained by professionals and work actively towards completely mitigating downtimes and the financial risks that come with them. If your downtime is costing you, it is time to migrate to the cloud.
  • Obsolete Hardware Too Difficult To Maintain
    Legacy systems and other hardware that is nearing their end-of-life cycle are going to cost you more than the profits they bring. Also, when it comes to rapid data transfer, depending on legacy and age-old hardware is not the smart choice. Instead of paying extra on their maintenance, migrating to the cloud will help you save tons of money in the long run.
  • Threats and Cybersecurity
    It is true that the rise of COVID-19 also brought about a 600% increase in the number of cyberattacks in the world. If you have faced or tackled a breach in your security in the past 15 months, you must know that it is not going to stop anytime soon.
    Migrating to the cloud adds a number of extra layers of security to your business, something that you will appreciate if you deal with the personal and banking information of your customers.
  • Remote Working Conditions
    In 2020, the pandemic also forced 75% of the workforce to move to remote working. In times where working is not anymore confined by physical boundaries and you have people working for you from all over the world, cloud computing is the best real-time solution for all your collaboration and information needs.
  • Expansions and Movements
    If you are expanding your business or wish to shift your business to a new geographic location, the cloud is your best friend. Not only will you be able to expand your business in new locations, but your systems will also continue to work while on the move.

Cloud can help your business in a variety of ways, and that is why this is the right time to spend some of your profits in strengthening your future. Become a part of the global digital and connectivity revolution by partnering with the leading cloud service provider in the world, SVAM International. Book a consultation with our experts for all your migration needs to the cloud.

Today, tailor-made solutions like custom applications have an unprecedented advantage for every other business across the globe as they can be used as a collaboration tool or as a business/marketing tool, depending on the requirement. In 2020, the total business expenditure on custom mobile applications was close to $300 Billion, which is a significant fraction of the entire market.

As a business owner or as a part of the management team or a stakeholder, apart from being aware of the necessity of software development, creating strategies to ensure the successful implementation of your custom applications is of utmost importance. You need to look at your business structure to understand the safest route of implementation of an application in your processes.

Here is a quick list to help you understand 4 factors that will govern your strategy for adopting a custom application.

What Factors To Consider Before Custom Application Development

  • Understanding The Technological Needs
    Understanding the need behind a solution is way more important than you think. When you have a goal that you wish to achieve or a problem that needs to be solved, you see a clear path that needs to be taken. On the bright side of this argument, the more detailed your requirements are on your goals, the better your developer will be able to fulfill the demand; set your expectations straight from the very beginning.
  • Impact Management on Staff
    Understanding the impact of the custom application, especially on internal processes, is important and having an organizational change management process is how you can ensure that the change proliferates the culture. You need to make sure that it is accepted.
    This means that if employees need training for the new application, you must provide them with the necessary information. Gather information on both internal teams as well as customers who will be impacted by the change and take necessary actions.
  • Documentation of Development
    Any change or development process is incomplete without proper documentation. You need a process that takes into account both, the business logic and programming logic, while developing a solution, alongside documenting the whole process. It will act as both, a tool for audit and future reference in case of changes.
  • Return on Investment
    Much like every other project, you need to understand the ROI on this project as well. You need to understand and identify the right metrics that will help you monitor your ROI from the custom application. While you are at it, make sure that you’re documenting the project’s budgets and ensure that it is completed within dedicated timelines.

Custom Applications are becoming a solution for all business needs in the world. Irrespective of whether it is an internal need for improvement or an effort to improve user experience your custom application development needs have only one answer – SVAM International Inc. Get in touch with one of our experts today and begin your journey towards a better application developed for your needs.

SVAM International Inc.’s ProTRACKPlus is a dedicated SaaS-based CRM tool developed exclusively for Economic Development Organizations (EDOs). It is customized to provide ensure tracking of active projects, managing contacts, managing companies, and boosting reporting activities to increase leadership’s ownership. The tool is specifically built to provide all basic functionalities of a CRM, plus six more tools.

The tool exceeds the expectations of users by providing features that offer an extra edge and control to EDOs. The customized dashboards maximize transparency, accountability, and communications within the business, and a completely automated reporting and tracking system helps in managing your relationships with your existing and prospecting businesses while saving you precious time and money. Let’s take a deeper look into the compelling features of this software!

The Unique Features of ProTRACKPlus

  • Real-Time Reporting
    One of the most important features of a great CRM tool is reporting. ProTRACKPlus comes with seven built-in reports plus a totally customizable report generator that can publish all your real-time metrics. These dynamic reports keep your leadership well-informed about projects, contacts, and companies. These reports come in handy when there are financial decisions to be made and they need to be backed up by strong data.
  • Managing your Business Retention and Expansion (BRE)
    As the businesses in your locale come back online, they will need all the help you can give them. ProTRACKPlus has a built-in survey generator with multiple ways of distributing questionnaires and forms. When these are completed and submitted by the respondent, the data automatically populates into the respective company’s profile. All data is then automatically aggregated, totaled, and presented using colorful charts and graphs. You don’t have to do anything but author the questions and/or forms and ProTRACKPlus handles everything else.
  • Security
    One of the most interesting features of ProTRACKPlus is the built-in proprietary “Safe Room” where you can store all important documents like financial statements, offer letters and deal sheets. The data stored here is not meant for publication and if someone sends an email to the source of the confidential data from the Safe Room, the moderator only has a limited amount of time or window to submit it before the system closes again.
  • Document Library
    The document library is for sharing files and documents that can be viewed throughout the organization. The categories and subcategories found in the program’s library help you in managing a large volume of documents. In fact, you can edit the categories and subcategories to match your EDO’s needs.
  • Flexible
    The admin panel on ProTRACKPlus allows you to edit 90% of all fields, tabs, and drop-down menus in the tool to what you will need in your daily operations. This also includes how your reports will look, so you and your leadership will have accurate and up-to-date information whenever you need it. All changes are automatically captured and updated throughout the tool for real-time use. Imagine all the time you will save on customizing weekly, monthly, and annual reports.

ProTRACKPlus is the result of the joint expertise of professionals and visionaries from SVAM International Inc. with more than 30 years in the economic development profession. Combining their knowledge with cutting edge digital technologies, the team came up with ProTRACKPlus. Book your consultation with one of our experts today.

Is it taking too much time to finish all of your accounting work at the end of the month? Are your revenue forecasts and risk predictions focused more on instincts than specific figures? If your organization is facing complexity in managing orders and you are missing important leads or have no idea of the stock, you might need an ERP system for your organization. 

Investing in such a solution helps businesses improve their performance and provides them with better business revenues. However, as every company is unique, there is no single aspect that could tell that the organization needs ERP.

Read the top 5 signs that indicate when a business should invest in an ERP system. 

Sign 1 – Lack of Easy Access to Business Information

When the business starts growing, the data becomes huge and it becomes impossible to enter every single detail manually. In addition, getting immediate access to performance metrics and other key data becomes increasingly difficult with a growing scale. The ERP system produces accurate real-time data that enables employees to get instant access to important information any time. 

Sign 2 – Spending Too Much Time On Accounting Process

One of the major signs that your organization requires a proper ERP system lies in its accounting process. Small or medium-sized businesses generally rely on paperwork for maintaining invoices or sales orders. Due to this, employees spend hours entering  long details into multiple accounting and sales systems. All of this can easily be tackled by an ERP system. Availing such a service can help business owners maintain their financial or accounting data within a single database. This makes the accounting staff available for delivering more critical reports without delays and/or frustration. 

Sign 3 – Low Sales & Customer Experience

Ensuring that the stock reaches the right place at the right time becomes challenging when the inventory, sales record and customer data are maintained separately. Situations like this can create serious issues across the company, affecting customers’ experience, profitability, and ROI. A business can overcome this by implementing an ERP system that allows employees to get access to information in real-time. This, in turn, enables the team to resolve customer’s queries more efficiently and quickly. 

Sign 4 – Complex & Time-Consuming IT System

One of the major drawbacks of having multiple systems for different purposes is that IT management becomes a nightmare. Integrating, maintaining, and customizing everything simultaneously becomes time-consuming and often demands huge investment and resources. Also, there is no surprise that most small or medium-sized businesses are working on software that makes their processes extremely complex. This is a major sign that organizations should shift to an ERP system. It has the ability to respond to changing business needs and can streamline processes.

Sign 5 – Business Has Multiple Softwares for Different Purposes

Consider a company’s scenario where the accounting staff uses one software to pay or receive an amount while the sales department uses different software to enter details of all the orders dispatched or received. The situation becomes troublesome when the data is huge and creates problems in the functioning of the process. Such situations can easily be tackled with an ERP system.

ERP can give you the agility to respond to growing and changing business needs. That is why consulting a professional ERP solutions provider becomes vital. At SVAM International, we provide the best of IT services to organizations operating in different industries and help them achieve their business goals swiftly. Choose from a wide range of services today and live a successful tomorrow! 

The role of staff augmentation services in business growth has grown tremendously. IT development is the core aspect of any business and has been growing at such a fast pace that it requires to outsource its services. Staff augmentation service caters to the needs of many businesses as it boosts the business’s flexibility and helps it grow at only a fraction of the cost.

But not all businesses are convinced about outsourcing of their services. This blog shall help you determine whether your organization needs Staff augmentation.

What Is IT Staff Augmentation?

First things, first! Staff augmentation is a popular business strategy where organizations can hire professionals to accomplish short-term business goals or complete their projects. 

Businesses adopt this approach for so many situations: 

  • When they are building a product or software and need professional assistance to fulfill a particular requirement.
  • When there are fewer employees and the project deadline is near. 
  • When they have a small budget and cannot afford to hire full-time employees.
  • Where there is a need to extend the working team for a short period of time. 

Advantages of IT Staff Augmentation Models for Businesses

  1. Scale Your Business Faster
    In almost every business, workload varies with time, and in such situations, temporary staffing is the best solution. Staff augmentation allows businesses to scale up their workforce in a short span of time at a significantly lower cost. By cutting down the cost of hiring full-time employees for specific projects, organizations can scale their business faster. 
  2. Provides You Better Control
    Staff augmentation services provide organizations a chance to hire talent based on their skill sets. This provides companies with better control over their projects without expanding their in-house teams. Organizations can easily identify the areas where employees need help and tailor their staff augmentation to fit those requirements.
  3. Meet Business Goals On a Low Budget
    Hiring full-time employees for short-term projects costs more time, effort, and money. Not every organization has the budget to expand its in-house team to meet business goals. This is where staff augmentation services can lessen the burden. This strategy works best, especially when an organization does not have an adequate budget to meet business goals. 

The list is not exhaustive as IT Staff augmentation services offer countless advantages to organizations. If you are looking to expand your team through staff augmentation services, you can get in touch with the experts at SVAM International. We are one of the leading IT service provider companies that can help you meet your business goals.

Banking and financial services are the backbones of the economy. The human efforts in these sectors are approaching a point of being overwhelmed, and the competition from FinTech and other services is further putting a lot of pressure. 

These institutions are doing everything possible to optimize their spending while also boosting their productivity. The rising scarcity of skilled professionals and increasing costs of hiring resources have given birth to the need for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in financial services. And financial institutions across the globe are eying automation technologies as a next step in the evolution. But how has RPA impacted the sector and what benefits has it brought to the table? Let’s take a look.

Benefits of RPA in Banking and Financial Services

  • Cost-Effective
    Cost-saving is one of the most important factors in any industry and for a financial service provider, it is monumental. Manually doing back-office work, fund transfers, claim processing, and so many similar tasks often take time. This is why such tasks are often outsourced. Keeping them in-house with RPA can save a financial institution time and money. In fact, small investments made into RPA right now will give immediate value benefits.
  • Risk and Compliance

    Auditing in banking and financial institutions is a critical aspect of operations. With RPA, it becomes easy to check the audit trails because they are digitized and cover almost every step of the way. In addition, it also reduces the risks in business while also increasing the level of process compliance.
  • Improved Productivity
    In the contemporary business environment, there are still a number of operations, transactions, and consumer interactions that happen beyond normal bank hours. RPA keeps working 24/7, completing tasks overnight without tiring. On top of that, it can complete more tasks with consistency in an hour as compared to a human while trying to maintain the same level of efficiency.
  • Zero Infrastructure Cost and Easy Deployment
    Implementing RPA does not require any significant changes in the infrastructure, especially if it is cloud-based. It is a program that automates according to the UI, reducing the hardware and maintenance costs. Moreover, deploying RPA is not difficult; all you need is one professional, and then it is simply just plug-and-play.
  • Reduced Human Error
    Businesses today need greater data security, least disruptions and quality work consistently. RPA is the best way to reduce human error from the equation and improve the overall accuracy of the process, while also ensuring compliance.

RPA is a novel innovation that has been transforming the domain of financial services. It has a number of applications and great benefits to offer. This is the primary reason why RPA in financial services has gained such a vast amount of popularity in the last few years. 

If you also wish to make RPA an integral part of your work, book your appointment with SVAM International Inc. today.

There are close to 2 billion websites in the world, each of them competing to get the necessary traffic from their target audience. Some of them remain relevant for longer, while a huge number of these websites rarely see any action from the online world. Why this disparity? There are a number of factors that affect this influx of internet users on a particular website, but one of the important factors is how useful and trendy a business’s website is.

To stay relevant, web developers keep on finding innovative ways to give the user experience a fresh new feel. There are certain trends that they follow to make websites more dynamic, practical, and focussed on the main objective of the business.

Here are the top 2021 web development trends that you must keep an eye on.

Web Development Trends of 2021

  • Progressive Web Apps Development
    Progressive Web Apps (PWA) have been catching up slowly with the efficacy of Native apps while adding a new level of convenience to their use. Statistics show that PWAs have about 36% higher conversion rates than native apps. That means it will definitely overtake native apps in bringing a mobile app-like user experience across devices this year.
  • Dark Themes
    Dark theme on apps was the most fascinating trend of the last couple of years, and a number of brands jumped onto the wagon for adopting a new UI for their Apps. 2021 will be about bringing the dark theme to websites, adding a stylish touch to the user’s experience. Given how bigger giants have already adopted the dark themes on their websites; it has the potential to become quite a huge trend.
  • Single Page Websites
    A trend that really caught in the year 2020 was single-page websites. 2021 will be the year that sees the trend perfected. Extensive websites look great; however, they are quickly becoming obsolete now. Single-page websites are quicker to load and especially easy to navigate, and with the rising number of mobile devices, they are surely going to become a viable and scalable trend.
  • Website Security
    Website security, especially for businesses that deal directly with customers’ information and e-commerce websites, is a constant matter of concern. According to a report, as many as 50,000 websites are breached by hackers in a single day, which makes it important to put proper security features in place for websites, in the year 2021.
  • Cloud Computing
    With a market share of $300 Billion+, public cloud services are expected to grow even bigger in 2021. It will continue to replace regular servers around the world as more and more businesses, whether large, medium, or small, begin to come aboard the cloud platform.

These web development trends are not only a prediction about what you must expect from businesses this year but also what you must expect from developers while availing custom web application development services.

SVAM International Inc. makes use of the latest technology and follows the latest trends to ensure that every need of our customers is met. Book your consultation today with SVAM International’s experts.

There is a digital revolution happening right now, and given the current circumstances, businesses are now realizing the importance of going digital. With increasing mobile device users, services like shopping, payments, information; almost everything you can imagine are now available online. Almost every business is now moving towards having their own website to tap into the consumer base that wants everything on the go.

While there are a number of ways that this can be done, a custom website is a more ‘out-of-the-box’ way that gives businesses full control of what they want to show and what they don’t wish to put on display.

There are six reasons to choose getting a custom website which will enable you to outshine the competition.

Reasons To Choose Custom Web Development in 2021

  • Unique
    There are tailored features, functionalities that businesses will only find in a custom-made website along with a design that is created according to the brand. A unique website makes a brand more recognizable and leads to an increased brand recall.
  • Speedy Website
    In a world where even a second’s delay can become the difference between engagement and bouncing off, shedding a few seconds from the load time can make a huge difference. Using a template for a website would mean that it would often come with functionalities that the business may or may not need. Adding the extra load time on the website for the unused functionalities never makes sense, which is why getting a custom website is better since businesses can choose what to add and what to avoid.
  • Enhanced Security
    Cyber-attacks are a common threat in a time like this. Many businesses have often slept in the night only to wake up and find that their website became the target of cyberattacks. Cybersecurity is a matter businesses need to give its due thought. This can be solved with a custom website, security encryption, and certificates that the business needs to save users’ data, as well as any other sensitive information.
  • Enhancing The Customer’s Journey
    The way a website is designed and planned has a huge impact on the experience a visitor or a customer will have on the site. The website not only needs to be easily navigable but also should be easy to interact with. This is how businesses can convert even a visitor to a customer.
  • Search Engine Optimization
    It is a well-known fact that a custom-made website performs really well with any optimization that businesses may have planned for their visibility on search engines. Relevance, speed, and mobile-friendliness are all critical factors when it comes to SEO, and that is why a custom-made website is the best choice.
  • Personalized and Localized
    Every business needs to start somewhere. When they start with a local market and begin to upscale, businesses realize how they can make the website feel more personal and cater to a specific demographic in a particular location by upgrading their functionalities.

On the plus side of things, a custom website is easier to maintain and upgrade, and has shorter turnaround times. You will be reducing your investment into the website with time while still reaping the benefits. For top-notch services in custom web application development, get in touch with SVAM International Inc. for completely managed services of custom website development. Book a consultation now and begin your digital transformation journey